C9C54ADB-A348-4A30-BAD5-0819620EE7A2.JPGHello there!

My name is Wyneisha (aka WyWy, Neish, Neisha, etc.).  I am 24 years old, born in the South Bronx but currently residing in my own place in Westchester.  I love the Bible, all things natural hair, french fries, off the shoulder dresses, race documentaries and anything blue.

For the longest time, I haven’t known what to write or what to call this space or even if I should be writing. I don’t understand why I have this blog. Or why you would want to read about my life. See through my eyes.

For some, purpose comes easy. It’s like this brilliant “aha” moment in the middle of a dark room called “growing up”. And the moment is beautiful. That light is beautiful. And the shining of it within that dark room makes the darkness less scary. To some, it even makes it nonexistent.

And as I choose to write this blog, to share my experiences, my loved ones, my thoughts, my reflections on my spiritual journey with God – I can’t help but be comforted that my “aha” moment did not come until I decided to write this blog. Until I decided to accept that I am, indeed, chosen13250DF2-BBE9-460C-94E6-492657EC8568.JPG

Even if this is the only part of the blog that you read as you visit this space, I just want you to believe that God has chosen you too.

In the midst of the world telling you what you are now and what you are to become, in the midst of that crazy feeling inside your heart that tells you that “it’s time for you to be in a relationship”, in the midst of that crazy space of anxiety and depression and fear of becoming nothing —

You are royalty. You have a story. You have a purpose. You are valued. You are loved.

And because He is, we are so let’s see where God’s grace takes us.

Let’s get ready for the chase!

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