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Thriving in the Wilderness

This weekend has truly been a crazy one for me.

Yesterday, I preached a sermon entitled “Wombed in the Wilderness” that explored the story of Hagar in Genesis 16, an Egyptian enslaved woman, and her encounter with God in the wilderness.  Like Hagar, many of us have a wilderness experience that we go through or it may feel like we’re constantly going through.  But the beauty of our wilderness is that when God shows up and finds us, He transforms our spaces of desolation and doubt to places of birth and balance.  Only He can bring life and restore life for He is life.

Preparing that message really spoke to my own situation and my own wilderness.  And like my favorite – Sarah Jakes Roberts – preaches “It’s time for women to thrive in the wild.”

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Snatched and Sowing: Reflections on the 2018 Pinky Promise Conference

When I began the “talking” phase of my relationship with Aaron in Summer 2013, I stumbled upon the ministry of Heather Lindsey.

I was looking for someone – anyone – to speak to me about their dating relationships as a Christian.  I wanted to learn how to establish boundaries, how to love and not fall into lust, and how to enter into a relationship with purpose and with the goal of marriage.  So after a google search, I stumbled upon Heather’s blog and from that first blog post it seemed that she was speaking just to me.  Her entries over the years that documented her singleness, then courtship where she didn’t kiss her now-husband until their wedding day, to her marriage and first child …they all encouraged me because it helped me believe that Christian dating – the right way – is possible.  Continue reading “Snatched and Sowing: Reflections on the 2018 Pinky Promise Conference”