Nothing is Impossible with God

I remember listening to preachers speaking about bearing fruit or walking in your calling and just hearing one word – IMPOSSIBLE.

What does it mean to walk in my calling? What does it mean to bear fruit? What does it mean to show up as an authentic Christian in this world? It sounds great but seems so HARD.

Each day that I decide to walk in the calling of God, I learn more about who He is before I learn more about me. I can’t say that I know the complete answers to the questions above but I do know one thing – it starts with BELIEVING the word of God which is God Himself (John 1:1).

When the angel of the Lord visits the 16 year old Mary in Luke 1, he comes bearing a message from the Lord – a word of promise that said she was not only called by God to bear the Son of God but that she had found favor with the Lord. Favor = grace. Grace is unmerited favor. The Word doesn’t say that Mary was perfect. It doesn’t say that she did not make any mistakes or that she was even a perfect woman. But it does say that she found favor in the sight of the Lord. And thankfully, because of Jesus Christ and Mary’s ability to BELIEVE the word of God spoken to her, we also have access to that same favor in God. When God looks at us – HE SEES POSSIBILITY.

Possibility to change.

Possibility to grow.

Possibility to BE.

So whatever God is calling for you to be at this moment, don’t start thinking about all of the things you aren’t but all of the things that God is! Do you know who God is? Because God exists and because of the grace given to us because of the Cross, what we once thought was impossible in our lives is now possible, attainable, and accessible.


One response to “Nothing is Impossible with God”

  1. Great posting my sister. It really does starts with believing and trusting in God. He will show you all that you need. I have always believed that when a person is walking in their calling they are doing exactly what the Lord has called them to be doing. And when we do that we bear fruit of that calling upon our lives. Which also makes others see our fruit. To God be the glory.


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